tooth pain

I'm in Pain or Have Discomfort

See A Dentist For Urgent Dental Care. 

Stop Your Dental Pain in Unionville, CT

When you have sore gums, a toothache, or other dental pain in Unionville, CT, you want help, and you want it as soon as possible. That’s what you can get if you contact Newpoint Family Dental.

During these emergency situations, you should:

  • Get relief from your tooth pain or other oral pain
  • Receive emergency care as needed
  • Feel pain-free when your treatment is completed. 

We take dental emergencies very seriously. It’s the reason we leave a chair available at all times during our regular hours. Whenever possible, we want to see you the same day that you call us at (860) 421-0144

Don't wait for Help During Your Dental Emergencies

We know that dental emergencies happen. You could crack your tooth biting into a popcorn kernal or a piece of ice. You could break or lose a tooth during a game of catch with your loved one. Regardless of the reason, you can count on our expert team of professionals to help you with your dental needs.